Wedding Annoucement Suites

$150 for a template
With this option you can pick from any of the wedding announcement designs below, customizing it to fit your wedding (changing names, information and colors). You can choose to use all the items in the suite, or just pick a few. If there is something not included in the suite that you would like to have, i.e. table numbers/sign, save the date cards, etc., just let me know and we can work together to make it happen.

$50 per hour for a custom wedding announcement suite
This includes 3 design options of the main card (the announcement card or the invitation card, whatever you prefer) for you to choose from. Once you have chosen a direction I will then flush out the rest of your suite. All I need from you to get started it some inspiration!

As with both price options, I would like to set up an initial meeting to meet you and get to know you so the announcement suite and the whole experience is everything you hoped for!

The Anne

The Ashley
The Catherine
The Lauren
The Liz
The Meagan
The Whitney
The Leisa
The Sarah
The Carra